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[:de]Volunteer Stories, Do. 23.7., 16-17h[:]

[:de]Season 2 episode 2 of Volunteer Stories features Costas Georgiou and Petros Djakouris who are the founders of BeHive – a volunteer run organisation which empowers university students and career starters in China. BeHive’s mission is to nurture the talents of their members, as well as, help their members to develop careers skills and build meaningful relationships through professional development training. Since March 2017 BeHive has held over 30 workshops, job fairs, and networking events – equipping over 2,000 participants with practical and transferable professional skills.

Episode 2 also features exceptional music by Barbara Duy, Emily Grimes, and Feature Creep.

If you would like to be a guest on Volunteer Stories please email office[at]cr944.at

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