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Irina Hablecker – English-speaking program “Innunendo”

Being raised under the watchful eye of a Romanian communist dictator, there is nothing I cherish more than the power of information and the freedom of speech. This very hunger for knowing more comes in handy in my daily job as a librarian, whereas the constant search for freedom has been the main engine in my journalistic activities throughout the years.Before coming to Austria, I worked for a biweekly magazine for teenagers, and, later for a daily local newspaper in Iasi, Romania, only afterwards realizing that being a journalist has little if anything to do with a paid job, but rather it is a vocation, a duty and a passion that never leaves you. Be it written or spoken word, voices should be heard, opinions exchanged and thus, by getting to know one another, we can avoid the miscommunications and misinterpretations that too often plague our society and blur our views.Luckily I have found at Campus & City Radio St Pölten the very platform for bringing in front of our young audience guests from the English-speaking world, who can shed some light on the issues that concern us daily, or simply share their rich experience from the point of view of the “Outsider”.

Irina Hablecker
Fachhochschule St.Pölten Bibliothek
University of Applied Sciences LibraryEmail: ihablecker@fhstp.ac.at